Funkwerk video surveillance systems with professional video cameras, video transmission technology, management systems and software for intelligent image processing and evaluation are in operation in airports all over the world.

The increasing number of flights and the rising passenger volumes as well as the greater sensitivity to terror threats and acts of violence require a modular security concept. The main requirements are:

    • Improving the effectiveness of security and also its perception by airline passengers
    • Transmitting images in high quality at a fast rate
    • Ensuring actual, real-time transmission (live image check) of 24 hour recording for subsequent analysis of incidents
    • Detecting suspicious objects (such as abandoned pieces of luggage)

We are happy to assist you with the planning, installation and commissioning of your ideal video solution.

Häufig eingesetzte Videotechnik

Product Overview

Pan/tilt head Platon

High-quality workmanship, robust design and highly-developed technology - the pan/tilt head PLATON from Funkwerk

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IP-Design housing DGA

Rugged aluminium housing for areas with refined aesthetic tastes, including heater for indoor and outdoor use.

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Pan/tilt head Globe

Extreme robust pan/tilt head with high carrying capacity and modular mounting. Suitable for analog and digital use.

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Video Management System posa

Funkwerk‘s open security architecture (p.o.s.a.) is a premium video management system! Individually tailored to your requirements, it meets highest demands and is ideal for simple as well as complex surveillance tasks.

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