At first was the name “Funkwerk”.

In 1992, the Bavarian businessman Ing. Hans Hörmann with its Managing Director Dr.-Ing. Hans Grundner founded the company in Kölleda. They decided to let live on the traditional name “Funkwerk” on. Funkwerk Kölleda developed already since 1948 telecommunications and radios. Selected operating parts and some employees started newly as Hörmann-Funkwerk Kölleda GmbH. This was the basic unit of the founded Funkwerk AG in August 2000.

The important points of the Funkwerk-story at a glance:

1992: The formation of the „Hörmann-Funkwerk Kölleda GmbH“.

1997: The “Hörmann” Group takes over as a supplement to “Funkwerk Kölleda” in the course of a privatisation of the “Funkwerk Dabendorf GmbH” which develops, makes and sells mobile radio accessories since 1993.

2000: August 16: Foundation of the Funkwerk AG.
It combines at first two companies under umbrella of the Hörmann group, Funkwerk Dabendorf GmbH and HÖRMANN Funkwerk Kölleda GmbH. Kölleda is the headquarters of Funkwerk AG.

On 15 November the Funkwerk AG enters to the stock markets, initially being listed on the “Neuer Markt” of the Frankfurter Stock Exchange. In spite of the already clouded stock market mood the Funkwerk stock is recommend by the experts and is placed successfully.

2013: Funkwerk AG finalises change to open market. Share listed in m:access at Munich Stock Exchange from July 1, 2013.