Corporate Governance

The Executive Board and the Supervisory Board of Funkwerk identify with the basic principles of transparent and responsible corporate governance. Their objective is to be proactive in maintaining and improving confidence in Funkwerk among shareholders, staff members, business partners and the general public.



§ 1  Firma und Sitz

  1. Die Firma der Gesellschaft lautet: Funkwerk AG.
  2. Die Gesellschaft hat ihren Sitz in Kölleda.

§ 2  Gegenstand des Unternehmens

  1. Gegenstand des Unternehmens ist die Entwicklung, die Produktion und der Vertrieb …

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Publicity Guideline

I. Purpose of the publicity guideline

Funkwerk AG is obliged to ensure a high level of transparency and open communication vis-à-vis both its shareholders and the general public. The German Securities Trading Act contains regulations governing the publication of confidential non-public information, so that all shareholders and members of the public receive pertinent information promptly and at the same time. Funkwerk AG can only implement the legal provisions given the collaboration of all employees of the Funkwerk Group.

This guideline defines the procedure for external communication, supplements the Insider Trading Policy and is to be observed by all employees in order to avoid statutory violations. It forms part of the contract of employment and continues to apply after the working relationship has ceased.

II. Basic general regulation

The confidentiality of all non-public affairs of the Funkwerk Group is to be preserved. This includes, for example, details of organisational structure, information on business, research and development processes, and figures from internal reporting.

All external queries concerning internal non-public affairs of the Funkwerk Group are to be forwarded to the Board of Management or to Investor Relations. Only the latter are authorised to communicate non-public information to external parties.

Advertising of our products and services is not curtailed. Product information, data sheets and information on participation in trade fairs all constitute public information. Also, company data which have been published in the annual and quarterly reports, financial statements, ad-hoc announcements, press releases or other company brochures may be forwarded on by any employee at any time.

III. Rules for individual facts

– Details of business performance which have not yet been published are always to
be treated as confidential and not for external communication.

– Names of visitors to the company, which could trigger speculation about
Funkwerk’s strategic plans, are to be treated as confidential.

– Business affairs should not be discussed in places where third parties may
overhear. This includes public lifts, lobbies and restaurants, as well as aeroplanes
and taxis etc.

– Care must be taken when using mobile telephones in public areas or when using
loudspeakers if there are third parties in the vicinity.

– Care must be taken when using e-mail, since this means of communication can
easily reach unauthorised recipients.

– False or misleading information may not be directly or indirectly communicated,
whether internally or externally.

– If an employee is classed as an insider, he/she must exercise the most rigorous
caution regarding the forwarding of insider information both to internal colleagues
and to external third parties. The information received during an insider
transaction is strictly confidential and not intended for internal or external

– Rumours and speculation concerning the Funkwerk Group are to be reported
immediately to a member of the Investor Relations Department.

This list serves as an example and is not comprehensive. Each individual case must be evaluated in compliance with the basic general regulation. In case of doubt, contact the Investor Relations Department.

Board of Management and Supervisory Board

Director`s Dealings

Mit Inkrafttreten der EU-Marktmissbrauchsverordnung („MAR“) ab dem 3. Juli 2016 müssen gemäß Art. 19 MAR die Mitglieder des Vorstands und Aufsichtsrats der Funkwerk AG, sowie in enger Beziehung zu ihnen stehende Personen, den Erwerb und die Veräußerung von Funkwerk Akten sowie von anderen Wertpapieren und Rechten melden, die einen Bezug zur Funkwerk Aktie haben (z. B. Optionsscheine).

Director´s Dealings There are no notifiable facts.


Ad-hoc announcements

Ad-hoc announcementsThere are no notifiable facts.