As a specialist for professional communications systems Funkwerk focuses on the future markets with high growth potential. On the basis of state-of-the-art competence, a thorough understanding of the requirements of our customers, medium-sized flexibility and a quick response time for converting ideas into products ready for the market, we operate different target groups in our segments.

This requires leading technological competence and a thorough understanding of the requirements and infrastructure of our customers. Other features of the Funkwerk business model include concrete user knowledge, an investment policy that anticipates technological changes, small-scale flexibility and concomitant quick reaction time in terms of converting ideas into market-ready products.

Building on these foundations, Funkwerk has grown rapidly over the last years. Yet a dramatic increase in sales within just a few years has not led Funkwerk to abandon the foundation of its success. Of course, the business model has been further developed, refined and adapted to new structures, but the key factors remain unchanged:

Specialisation: Funkwerk concentrates its technological competence on emerging market niche with high barriers to entry and clearly defined target groups. Specialisation in user knowledge ensures that Funkwerk is customer-oriented and
has a competitive edge.

Innovation: We anticipate and exploit technological change in order to provide newly emerging markets with products in good time. We predict the consequences of future developments and upon which we base our new product ideas.

Corporate responsibility: Funkwerk employees share in corporate responsibility. An interdisciplinary organisational structure and a direct profit-sharing scheme reinforce individual responsibility.

Value management: Business success is analysed and monitored on an ongoing basis using methodical risk and value management. Here, technical competence and existing customer relations are indispensable for new investment.

On the basis of these principles, Funkwerk has single-mindedly developed and expanded its segments. These principles form the strong common foundation of our corporate culture and market-oriented strategy development. Although the segments operate independently in their individual markets, the four combine to carry out joint action and form value creating synergies. Examples of this include standard cash management, harmonisation of production capacities between locations and technology transfer within the group via teams boasting maximum competence.

The “Funkwerk principle” also allows acquisitions to be integrated in order to enhance both technological competence and the customer base. The incorporation of new operating units can be completed successfully if a clear trajectory is established at the outset and employees are shown explicit appreciation. This is the recipe for success that has allowed Funkwerk to realise sustained dynamic growth even in times of general economic stagnation.