Video Management System posa

Funkwerk‘s open security architecture (p.o.s.a.) is a premium video management system! Individually tailored to your requirements, it meets highest demands and is ideal for simple as well as complex surveillance tasks. P.o.s.a. allows you to manage IP video networks of the latest generation. The digital IP video data streams can be displayed, recorded, analyzed or played back. At the same time, analog systems are supported, such as the Funkwerk unit VAZ (video alarm center). Due to the open security structure, all components can be operated without difficulty within one system.


  • modular architecture for free scalability

  • customized solutions possible

  • dynamic bandwidth management for handling of connections with
    limited bandwidth

  • intuitive PTZ control through panoramaview and mousetracking

  • customized and dynamical change of user rights

  • all system events are configurable as virtual alarms

  • management of complex alarm scenarios

  • open system architecture allows integration of 3rd party IP cameras

  • comfortable search in archives with static backward object search

  • playback of alarm recordings by selection of the logbook entry

  • integration of digital monitor wall (Multiview) and recording
    systems (NVR)

  • supporting multiple transmission technologies

Technical specifications

System structure
Multiserver/distributed Systems:unlimited divisible
Quantity Clients:unlimited
Quantity NVRs:unlimited
Quantity monitor walls:unlimited
Redundancy concepts:1:1, 1:N, N:M, ring system
Export:AVI, FWP
Export usable as evidence in court:yes, fwp
Data:ethernet (100Mbit) bzw. RS422 / RS485
User interface
Languages:de, en, it, fr, ru, se
PC monitors:up to 4 per workstation
Quantity sitemaps:unlimited

further technical details are on the data sheet

Advantages and Benefits

Open system architecture

For individual and Project-specific Solutions.

Mouse tracking

Click on a position in the live image to center that position on your screen. Now the pan/tilt units can be easily and accurately controlled using the mouse – even if the connection has delays.

Panorama view

By clicking on a position in the panorama image (freeze image scanned once), the live image shows the respective section. The size of the section to be displayed can be selected freely in the panorama image. Thus, even very high focal lengths can be handled easily – even if the connection has delays.

Jitter-free images

It doesn`t sound like a job but is in fact one of the biggest challenges with regard to video over IP. Use the Funkwerk codecs to display live images as well as recordings jitter-free.

Minimum connection time

The optimized multicast concept allows the user to display videos on the target monitors with almost no delay.

Freely customizable user interface

The p.o.s.a. MMI is not just a graphical user interface (GUI) that has been hard coded for all applications. The p.o.s.a. MMI will be tailored to your individual requirements so that your surveillance tasks can be carried out best.

The p.o.s.a. MMI allows you to freely customize the user interface of your video surveillance according to your own and your staff ‘s preferences.

Distributed server architecture

Any functions can be configured on individual machines in order to rule out the single point of failure and allow the user to set up systems with distributed intelligence.

Unlimited scalability

Number of users, cameras, memory etc. is not limited and can be increased anytime.

Fast export of video sequence

Maximum export speed is only limited by the hardware used.

Low network load

Network load is reduced to a minimum due to multicast support and an optimized multicast concept.