Argoscan - traffic analysis

A fast detection of events is a prerequisite for the contemporary initiation of appropriate measures to ensure an optimized control of traffic flow. In this case a video-based traffic analysis system provides valuable support for the operators of traffic systems.

Initial Situation

  • It is not always possible to assure a traffic surveillance over all critical places via human resources. As a consequence there is traffic jam, long reaction times after accidents and dangerous situations
  • At facilities with Argoscan-hard shoulder release the majority of the cameras are unused for
    most of the time

Solution: Argoscan Traffic Analysis

The video based Argoscan-Traffic Analysis detects events automatically. Thus, quick initiation of measures against incidents is assured.The traffic can run flawlessly and the risks for dangerous situations can be minimized.

Events and their adjustement

  • Slow and stopped vehicles – the threshold values for speed of slow and stopped vehicles can be
    set via the GUI of the configuration tool.
  • Wrong way drivers – the regular direction is set in the configuration. There is no additional
    setting necessary.
  • Jam – the event of a jam is detected by the combination of average speed and traffic density.
  • Risk of traffic jam – risk of traffic jam is detected as an event by the combination of the parameters average speed, traffic density, and the number of lane changes.

Detection area

When an area wide traffic analysis shall be introduced, cameras optics and camera positions have to
be chosen in a way that an illumination of the road without any gaps is assured. Together with Argoscan – hard shoulder release the arrangement of cameras, camera optics and camera positions should provide 100 percent Illumination of the road, regarding to the detection of slow and stopped vehicles.

System requirements

Argoscan – Traffic Analysis requires the Linux-based video management system JUPITER with MULTISEC.


  • detection of wrong way driver, slow vehicles, stopped vehicles, traffic jam, risc of traffic jam, traffic jam breakup

  • visualization of events via symbols in the site map

  • facile extension of existing Argoscan facilities

  • suitable for single and multi lane roads

  • flexible camera positions

  • suitable for static and dynamic cameras

  • applicable on motorways, country roads and urban roads

Advantages and Benefits

Dual usage

In addition to the traffic analysis the cameras can be used for surveillance of the surrounding areas. Prerequisite for this is the high end PTZ-Head Platon.