Self-sustaining Webcam

The Funkwerk video systeme Webcam is an innovative stand-alone-solution for all who want to monitor permises, areas, streets or squares where no infrastucture is available. The minimal power consumption of the camera is covered through solar panels. In case of bad weather a rechargeable battery takes over. If this battery goes flat a fuel cell will take over and will recharge the battery autonomously. The camera supplies images at best quality day and night.

At regular intervalls an image is sent to a webserver in the internet via UMTS. In this way any user can view the images and inform himself about the on-site situation. In case of any malfunction of the system, should it be the camera, the fuel cell, the solar panels or the UMTS connection, the failure will be reported through GPRS via SNMP. The operator therefore is always up to date about the status of his System.


  • surveillance of areas, permises and traffic junctions without IT-infrastructure

  • connection via UMTS

  • direct transmission to the internet

  • self-sustaining power supply through photovoltaic solar panel
    and fuel cell

  • monitoring of the system components through SNMP and GPRS

  • generally available information about weather, traffic situation etc.

  • minimal maintenance effort and running cost