Funkwerk’s mobile solution for ETCS applicationsEDOR5_E_Persp

In the standard version the device provides fully independent radio units EDOR-5E with state-of-the-art GSM-R mobile termination MT5-E (8 watt) in combination with the integrated wide-range power supply covering the range of 24 to 110 V onboard voltage. Optional is an integrated data logger.

The data logger is designed for raw data collection of the trace data from the MT5-E radio modules inside the RIU-ETCS.

One or up to four modules EDOR-5E are contained in a railway approved and to railway standards certified 19“ standard rack.

The data radio module EDOR-5E is compliant to the current specifications ETSI TS102 933 V2.1.1..

The complete unit can be delivered in configurations with data logger(s):

  • RIU-ETCS 5E/1MT/1DLOG => 1 module EDOR-5E/DLOG
  • RIU-ETCS 5E/2MT/2DLOG => 2 modules EDOR-5E/DLOG
  • RIU-ETCS 5E/3MT/3DLOG => 3 modules EDOR-5E/DLOG
  • RIU-ETCS 5E/4MT/3DLOG => 4 modules EDOR-5E/DLOG

Or without data logger(s):

  • RIU-ETCS 5E/1MT => 1 module EDOR-5E
  • RIU-ETCS 5E/2MT => 2 modules EDOR-5E
  • RIU-ETCS 5E/3MT => 3 modules EDOR-5E
  • RIU-ETCS 5E/4MT => 4 modules EDOR-5E

Mixed versions are possible too.