Euro Test System ETS - Testing device for GSM-R Cab-Radios


Funkwerk has developed the Euro Test System (ETS) based of the proven Test Simulation Box (ETK). The system is used for testing of train radio devices and enables the proper execution of commissioning and maintenance. The touch screen allows an easy and comfortable operation of the device.


The Euro Test System (ETS) supports the connection of 4202R Mobile Service Tester (Will‘tek) of the company Aeroflex GmbH.

The following functions are supported by the ETS:

  • Test of analogue radio systems in different country mode (Germany, Belgium,
    France and Luxembourg)
  • Test of GSM-R (via external Mobile Service Tester)
  • Test of UIC 568 functionality under using UIC 558 interface
  • Connection service PC via bluetooth
  • Power supply: 24-110 VDC / 230 VAC


  • Test analogue radio system

  • Test GSM-R

  • Test UIC 568 functionality