GSMR modem mobile f.locX®

The f.locX® is a mobile GSM-R modem with battery, Bluetooth interface and status indicators.

This modem is coupled to mobile devices via a low-power Bluetooth 4.1 and can be used in the GSM-R and


GSM network for data transmission, voice communication and SMS. The f.locX will be used together with an Android operating system is required, e.g. commercially available smart phones or tablets.

GSM-R-specific functions of the EIRENE device classes GPH, OPH and OPS can be realized with this combination. Data transfer of the operational data is possible over the GSM-R network, too. Thus a secure transmission path (GSM-R) will be provided for regular smartphones and tablets, which are usually available

only for a few months’ terminals.

Therefore the f.locX provides a safe GSM-R communication for already existing smartphones too.