STATON - Rugged stainless steel housing

High-quality camera technology needs top quality protection, especially in the outdoor area. The STATON housing made of stainless steel resists extreme weather conditions – over many years.

Additional to its weather resistance, the STATON convinces with its universal, quick time and timesaving mounting and connection options. This enable to reduce installation, maintenance and service costs. That is the reason why the STATON camera housing is ideally suited for industry or traffic operations.

The STATON housing – a future-proof investment  thanks to state-of-the-art technology.


  • quick-change housing without camera recalibration

  • self-supported camera/lens carrier for calibration of mounted camera/lens

  • universal mounting (suspended or stationary)

  • static stainless steel camera housing including pan/tilt swivel joint

  • optional connection via cable fitting or system plug

  • angular or straight (optional) front plate

  • power supply extra-low voltage, line voltage or PoE

  • optional sunshield

  • temperature-controlled heater

  • minimal service and maintenance cost

  • high reliability and investment protection

  • optimal for traffic and industry solutions

Technical specifications

General data
Material: stainless steel V4A 1.4571 (other materials on request)
Protection class:  IP66 cable fitting, IP65 connector plug
Security: acc. to DIN EN 60950-1
Operating temperature: -25°C to +55°C
Camera / lens mounting dimensions:  280 x 82 x 76 mm (LxWxH)
Mass: approx.. 4,8 kg (with joint and sunshield)
Standard finish: bright (other surfaces on request)
Power supply: 12 to 30 VDC 13W or 110 to 250 VAC 13W or PoE
Video: coax and ethernet; alternative two-wire signal
Data: ethernet (100Mbit) or RS422 / RS485
Housing: 418 x 106 x 123 mm (LxWxH)
incl. sunshield and joint: 438,5 x 126 x 206 mm (LxWxH)
incl. sunshield, joint, system plug and cable bending radius: 605,5 x 126 x 206 mm (LxWxH)

further technical details are on the data sheet

Advantages and Benefits

Stainless steel camera protection housing (V4A 1.4571)

Because the STATON is completely made from stainless steel and, therefore, has excellent durability, it can also be extensively used under extreme conditions. Thus, naturally, there is a warranty of 36 months.

Self-supporting camera bracket

The self-supporting camera bracket of the STATON permits quick and easy assembly or replacement of the housing unit. Thereby, assembly of the housing, as well as configuration of the camera unit, is made significantly easier.

Removable housing sheath

The housing is also easily opened when assembled for replacement or configuration of the camera unit. That provides ideal working conditions, e.g. for fine adjustment of the camera in live mode.

Smooth, blank surfaces of the housing

The STATON has small surfaces on which dust, contamination and miscellaneous particles can deposit. Maintenance effort and the resulting costs are reduced to a Minimum.

Variable swivel joint

The STATON is generally supplied with a variable swivel joint.

Suspended and standing mounting

The STATON can be assembled on the upper/lower side of the housing without further effort and, thus, can be assembled suspended and standing.

Static and variable wall bracket

Static and variably inclined wall support completes the Options for assembly.

Sunshield (suspended & standing)

The extremely light sun canopy permits use even under the most intensive weather conditions.

Extensive options for connection

Whilst designing the STATON, particular attention was paid to versatile options of connection. Video signals can be transmitted via coax, Ethernet and also via dual-wire signal. Ethernet (100Mbit) and RS422/RS485 are available for data transmission.

Durable & weather resistant system cable

The system cable is flame-retardant, contains no halogen and resistant to UV radiation, ozone and salt-spray. That enables use under more difficult external conditions and a longer service life.

Supplied as prewired

Camera units can be installed in the housing with little effort. That not only reduces the installation time, but also the assembly costs.

Flexible housing design

Irrespective of whether the housing is required in another design of material, colour, size, with inclined or straight front window, or special connection options, the STATON is designed so that it is possible to customize without great effort.