LE 86 and LE 100

The 2-wire video transmission systems from Funkwerk offer outstanding performance capabilities for this most widely used transmission medium. The LE 86 system cansimultaneously transmit up to 2 channels in real time and incolor over up to 1500 m on coaxial or 2-wire lines. The LE 90 system can simultaneously transmit up to 16 channels in real time and in color over up to 1800 m on coaxial or 2-wire lines. The standard LE 100 range of 4300 m can even be extended to 12500 m using special LE 100-Z repeaters which permit a minimum of 5 cascades.

A further bonus of both systems is their ability to make efficient use of existing telephone or multi-strand cables, thus saving the costs of new installations and paving the most cost-effective way to maximum performance, exceptional picture quality and a 100 % real time display. The high bandwidth of 5 MHz and the equalizer amplifier in the receiver combine to produce perfectly focused reception. The equalizer amplifier can be configured line-specifically and can compensates for transmission losses of up to 50 dB, or 60 dB with preemphasis.

As LE 86 and LE 100 are both wire-based transmission systems, they can offer the highest possible degree of reliability, and the twisted wires ensure the highest level of interference resistance. In the unlikely event of a signal failure, the systems automatically activate an LED on the front panel of the unit as well as a floating alarm contact. The systems also offer protection from overvoltages, such as indirect lightning strikes or similar disturbances.

Needless to say, both systems are fully compatible with all 2-wire output video cameras from Funkwerk which no longer require a special type of transmitter. The LEV 86 module features two independent reception channels, which means that 2 video signals can be processed using a single module. The integrated remotely controlled video selector switch in LE 100 S makes it possible to select from up to 3 video signals for transmission.


  • for first-class 2-wire and coaxial transmission

  • 650 - 4300 m range

  • excellent picture quality due to high bandwidth of 5 MHz

  • equalizing to 50 dB

  • extremely cost-effective solution through efficient utilization of exi-
    sting resources

  • 1 up to 2 color video channels per module in 100 % realtime

  • compatible with all video cameras with a 2-wire output

Technical specifications

Technical data  LE 86LE 100
Application:receiverline equalizer
Video inputs:2 x 1 Vss ±3 dB (F)BAS asym. at 75 Ω(local) 3 x 1 Vpp ±3 dB pos. CVBS asym. at 75 Ω
Symmetrical inputs:2x (2×1 Vpp) ±3 dB CVBS sym. at 124 Ω,
switchable input resistor: 124, 76, 40 Ω
1 x 2 Vpp ±3 dB sym. CVBS at 124 Ω
Symmetrical outputs: 1 x 2 Vpp ±3 dB sym. CVBS at 124 Ω
Video Outputs:2x 1 Vpp pos. CVBS at 75 Ω;
switchable „MAN, GAIN“ or
autogain Ag > 20 dB/Sync. base < 1 V
2 x 1 Vpp ±3 dB CVBS-Signal asym.
1 x 1 Vpp, at 75 Ω (Test)
Resistance to interference: < 60 dB at 0 dB equalization
Pre-amplification (switchable):10 dB
Equalizing: adjustable from 0 dB +1/-2 dB…16 dB (5 MHz)0 dB … 50 dB on basic-equilization 10 dB steps up to
40 dB, continously adjustable
Operational voltage;15 V DC … 30 V DC+10 V DC … 30 V DC
Operational temperature: 0 ºC … +40 ºC (in 19“-rack) 0 ºC … +40 ºC (19“-rack)
Operational temperature (weather-proof version)-35 ºC … +50 ºC
Weight:0,2 kg0,2 kg
Dimensions (mm) 100-160 mm Eurocard for 19“, 3 RU/ 7 HP100-160 mm Eurocard for 19“, 3 RU/7 HP

further technical details are on the data sheet