Radio Modules

Reliable – Functional

As a link between the GSM-R network and mobile train radio devices, the MTs is a mobile termination in accordance with GSM Phase 2+ with GSM-R and ASCI extensions. The module is operated within the GSM-R frequency range with a maximum transmitted power of 8W.

Many of the characteristic values of MTs, e.g. transmitted power, sensitivity and maximum allowable input power either have lower tolerances or are more stringently specified than required by the GSM standard. This should ensure maximum reliability and availability in the special environment of railways.

Funkwerk GSM-R radio modules family: MT2, MT3, MT3++, MT5, MT5E, MT5E-B, MT5E-F and MT6.

Novelty in train radio – Radio module MT5E

The GSM-R radio module exceeds significant the requirements of the standard ETSI TS 102 933 v2.1.1 and provides excellent shielding against interfering signals from other radio networks.

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