RIU-ETCS – the mobile solution for data applications (e.g. ETCS) – provides two fully independent radio units with state-of-the-art GSM-R mobile terminations MT2 in combination with dedicated wide-range power supply modules SV2 continuously covering the range of 24 to 110V onboard battery voltage.

All modules are contained in a railway approved slim rack magazine which also provides spare slots for expansion modules. The whole unit is approved and certified to railway standards and can be installed either in a wall mounting frame, a special rack frame or in standard 19″ racks.

The RIU-ETCS can be equiped with expansion modules datalogger.01. The data logger is designed for raw data collection of the trace data from the fixed MT2 radio modules inside the RIU-ETCS.


     RIU-China2  RIU_7 riu_iso_silber_links
RIU-ETCS rack (53 TE)
 RIU-ETCS 7“ rack RIU-ETCS rack (53 TE)
 RIU-ETCS-19_3MT-vl_1  RIU_China_1DL_oK_vl  dlog_vr Kopie
RIU-ETCS standard 19“ rack with
3 radio modules and 3 datalogger.01
RIU-ETCS rack (53 TE) with datalogger.01 Datenlogger


  • all modules are approved and certificated

  • modularly - available in various combinations