TEQoS2: Testumgebung Quality of Service

TEQoSTEQoS2 is used during the start-up phase of a new GSM-R network, as well as in the ordinary operation and optimisation process, wherever measurements need to be performed to guarantee the quality of the GSM-R subsystem.




The TEQoS2 Test Environment Quality of Service components:

  • GSM-R mobile termination (MT2)
  • GSM-R Test cabinet
  • ComTalk software
  • TRACE2 software
  • GPS receiver (not included)
  • Notebook (not included)


The GSM-R Mobile termination MT2 is the centerpiece of TEQoS2 and provides the interface between all railway applications for the GSM-R network is used and the fixed network infrastructure.

Main features of TEQoS2:

  • Trace of GSM Layer-2 and Layer-3 including ASCI and AT command messages
  • Measurement and graphical representation of quality and field strength
  • Coverage tests
  • Measurements of neighboring cells
  • Power level and quality
  • GPS positioning and data reference