Video solutions

Our customers have a clear picture about what they expect from Funkwerk: highest quality, innovative products, long-time availability and professional customized system Solutions.

60 years of engineering and production experience with sophisticated highend security systems is not to be denied. This has made us your reliable partner for security since 1953. More than 1500 customers worldwide will be able to confirm that.


Selected solutions by Funkwerk

Product Overview

Argoscan – hard shoulder release

The innovative software "Argoscan - hard shoulder release" allows fluent traffic even during rush hours without the neccessity to build additional lanes.

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Argoscan – traffic analysis

The "Argoscan - traffic analysis" provides valuable support for a quick and safe detection of wrong way drivers, broken vehicles and congestion.

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VSID® (Video Source ID)

Does the video show the potential scene of action and is it real-time visualized? Funkwerk has the worldwide first solution for this Problem!

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Sicherheitsraumüberwachung in Tunnel

Die innovative Videolösung von Funkwerk sorgt nun auch in den Tunnel-Schutzräumen für höchste Sicherheit und Kontrolle.

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Modernizing your analog video system

Take Advantage of the expertise of Funkwerk and bring your analog video equipment to the latest technology!

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Mobile Fahrgastraumüberwachung

Die Lösung zur mobilen Fahrgastraumüberwachung in Zügen, S- und U-Bahnen oder Bussen zur Dokumentation und zeitnahen Strafverfolgung.

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Mobile surveillance unit

The mobile and self-sufficient Video solution of Funkwerk is used where fixed video technology is too complex or the use of video technology is only required for a limited period of time.

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