U-Bahn Turin (IT)

Security was given top priority at the 2006 Winter Olympic Games in Turin. One of the showpiece projects in this connection was the new driverless subway system in this North Italian metropolis. Funkwerk handled the planning, delivery and installation of the video surveillance system on board the cars of subway line 1. The equipment of the operations control center, the video surveillance system in the stations, tunnels and Collegno depot were also part of the ordered system solution.

Turin was the first subway operation in Italy to be equipped with state-of-the-art digital transmission technology for transmitting and recording the visual information from some 600 cameras. In the meantime, Gruppo Turinese Trasporti (GTT), the operating company, had such good experience with the Funkwerk solution that the system was extended to another 6 stations on a route length of 3.9 kilometers in 2010. The system now incorporates 1200 cameras and covers 21 stations over a line length of over 12 kilometers.

Since the market launch of high-end class digital transmission technologies, many customers use previous transmission equipment in combination with LAN transmission. The disadvantages of the other method of transmission can be compensated by integrating these technologies, and overall offer a very cost-effective solution for the long-term protection of investments.

Special highlights
One of the most difficult technological challenges of transmitting images by radio from the trains in Turin is the closeness of the stations, which are only 500 meters apart on average, and the sharp curvature of one section of the line. Furthermore, real-time images have to be transmitted to a central control room from trains moving at up to 80 km/h.

CUSTOMER »Gruppo Turinese Trasporti (GTT)
LOCATION»Turin Italy
SCOPE OF ORDER »Over 1200 cameras
21 stations
> 12 kilometer line
REALIZATION »2005, continual expansion since 2010

Source of image: GTT / Metropolitano di Torino